In hospitals

Genano is a rapid and cost-efficient way to build isolation rooms to protect patients and staff. Genano air purifiers are used to eliminate viruses and bacteria, e.g., SARS, MERS and tuberculosis from the air. Read more.

air pollution

In polluted cities

Air pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental risk, and causes 7 million premature deaths every year, according to WHO. Genano air purifiers provide pure indoor air to schools, kindergartens and offices. Read more.


In laboratories

our solutions prevent airborne contamination and protect workers. Genano can remove particles down to nanosize, including microbes and small traces of DNA. Cleanrooms can be built quickly and cost-efficiently with Genano. Read more.


Sick Building Syndrome

is a growing problem in Europe. Moisture damage and poor material choices, for example, are the source of harmful chemicals, microbes and fine particles in the air. These substances cause health problems and discomfort to the people in the building. Read more


Our industrial solutions

are capable of removing welding fumes and metal processing emissions from indoor air. Read more on our industrial site