Patients undergoing blood disease or cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or stem cell transplantation, are particularly susceptible to infections.

Hospital acquired infections in oncology-01These patients can contract bacterial, fungal and viral infections from organisms that are innocuous for healthy individuals. In addition, they are highly prone to antibiotic-resistent pathogens causing hospital-acquired infections.

In immunosuppressed patients, infections may evolve rapidly, and their manifestation in the patient can be unusual – and therefore detected late. Hospital-acquired infections lead to a prolonged in-patient length of stay, increased use of antibiotics, inefficient use of resources and, most importantly, unnecessary human suffering.

Small pathogens may be suspended in air as small particles, aerosols, or dust and remain infective over time and distance. High-quality air hygiene is an powerful way to protect immunocompromized  patients from infections during and after treatment. However, standard fiber filtration (HEPA) systems are not sufficient to prevent airborne transmissions and more technologically sophisticated solutions are needed.

Genano air purifiers are an efficient way to reduce airborne infectious agents near immunocompromised patients.

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Protecting hematology and oncology patients against infections with nanoscale air purification

Genano’s core advantage is the ability to remove airborne microbes of all sizes – down to nanometer scale. Compared to standard HEPA filters, Genano’s purification performance is a 100 times better in terms of particle size. In addition, Genano also eliminates the microbes instead of just collecting them. Genano purifiers prevent the transmission of pathogens and improve hospital hygiene in critical areas. Read more about our hospital solutions >>


Genano air purifiers are designed to continuously recycle and purify indoor air. The standalone units are easy to move around, and can be relocated according to the situation. Also pressurized isolation rooms can be built using Genano. Get know our product models >>


The unique patented Genano Technology® is based on co-operation between the process of ionization and electrostatic attraction of particles. It cleans the air from particulate matter of all sizes. In addition, Genano air purifiers are equipped with high-surface-area active carbon collectors that remove gaseous substances.  Read more >>

Genano’s core advantages

Genano technology provenly removes

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