Hospital isolation rooms

Isolation rooms to protect patients and staff

Hospital isolation rooms

Hospitals and medical facilities have a wide range of critical areas where poor air purification can lead to a disaster. Fibre filters such as HEPA and ULPA are not able to destroy airborne microbes, which is why their changing can be a dangerous procedure. For maintenance to take place, rooms or entire sections need to be evacuated from regular use.

Additionally, epidemic diseases pose an on-going global threat. Preventive measures, such as patient isolation rooms, are needed rapidly in place when an outbreak occurs.

Genano is a rapid and cost-efficient way to build isolation rooms to protect patients and staff. We are specialized in creating negative/positive pressure isolation rooms. With Genano air purifiers, existing rooms can be converted to isolation rooms and new ones can be built quickly and efficiently. Genano Technology effectively collects airborne microbes and eliminates them inside the unit.

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Positive Pressure Isolation Rooms

For Patient Protection

Protective environment rooms are used to protect patients with weakened immune systems from airborne contaminants in the hospital environment. These immunocompromised patients include cancer, burn, leukemia and AIDS patients and those who have recently gone through bone marrow or organ transplantation.

With Genano, all the air entering the room is first purified with the Genano air purifier. The unit can simultaneously be used to create positive air pressure inside the room. This prevents non-hygienic air from other premises from entering the room.

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Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms

For Airborne Infection Control

Negative pressure isolation rooms are designed for patients with serious and infectious diseases, such as MERS, SARS or tuberculosis.

Genano units can be used to purify the air exiting the room before being released in the central ventilation. Genano can simultaneously create negative air pressure in the room, preventing airborne decontamination from entering other premises.

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Temporary Isolation Wards

Temporary isolation wards offer hospitals the capacity to isolate a large number of infectious patients during sudden outbreaks.

In certain areas, undiagnosed patients with high fever are routinely isolated to prevent spreading of serious and infectious diseases.

With Genano, every patient has their local exhaust and the aim is to create a negative pressure zone around the patients. Air from several patients are purified with a single Genano air purifier, or each patient can have their own unit for extra efficiency.

Contamination control in critical areas

In critical areas, such as operating rooms and ICUs, the Genano air purifier can function as the main system for air purification and ventilation, or it can complement an existing system.

Other Uses

Genano is also used in diagnostic laboratories, patient rooms and public areas in hospitals.

Genano offers a safe, modern and cost-effective way to solve airborne infection control issues in hospitals.

Our Customers

Dammam Central Hospital –
Fighting MERS in Saudi Arabia

Fighting MERS in Saudi Arabia

When the MERS epidemic struck, hospitals in Saudi Arabia needed to increase the number of isolation rooms rapidly. Genano has helped in building new negative pressure isolation rooms to keep patients, visitors and health care professionals safe.

Genano Customer Case – Fighting against MERS in Saudi Arabian central hospitals

UZ Leuven – Patient safety comes first in Belgium’s largest hospital

UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven, the largest hospital in Belgium, uses Genano air purifiers to protect patients in critical condition, such as after organ transplantation.
Genano Customer Case – Patient safety comes first in Belgiums largest hospital

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