Negative pressure isolation room

Negative pressure isolation is required for patients with serious and infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, MERS, SARS, Ebola, chickenpox, etc.

Genano solution is a rapid and cost-efficient way to build isolation rooms.

With Genano air decontamination units, existing rooms can be converted to isolation rooms and new ones can be built quickly and efficiently. As in the picture above, a Genano unit is used to decontaminate the air exiting the room.

Genano Technology effectively collects airborne microbes and eliminates them inside the unit. Genano simultaneously creates negative air pressure in the room, preventing airborne decontamination from entering other premises.

Technical Aspects

Case: Fighting Against MERS in Saudi Arabia

MERS was first identified in 2012 in Saudi Arabia and has reached epidemic proportions in its country of origin. With the help of Genano, central hospitals in Saudi Arabia have been able to rapidly build new isolation rooms. Several units have been installed in hospitals, for example in Dammam area, Jazzan and Al-Ahsa. Genano is also used in pathogen diagnostics facilities, and isolation rooms and PCR cleanrooms of the Ministries of Agriculture and Health. After these experiences, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has given an official recommendation for using Genano units in hospitals.

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