Positive pressure isolation rooms in hospitals

Positive pressure isolation is used to protect patients with weakened immune systems from airborne contaminants in the hospital environment. These immunocompromised patients include cancer, burn, leukemia and AIDS patients and those who have recently gone through bone marrow or organ transplantation.

Building positive pressure with Genano

Building positive pressure isolation rooms with Genano is easy and highly cost-efficient. Only minor piping work is needed to connect the Genano air purifier to central ventilation. All of the supply air enters the room through the unit. Genano Technology effectively collects airborne microbes and eliminates them inside the unit.  The unit can simultaneously be used to create positive air pressure inside the room. This prevents non-hygienic air from other premises from entering the room.

In addition to supply air, staff, visitors and equipment can carry pathogens and other contaminants into the room. Therefore a second unit is utilized to constantly circulate and purify the air from any process and human-related contaminants.

Genano positive pressure room

Technical Aspects

polandCase: Protecting Patients in Polish Regional Hospitals

Poland has 38 large regional hospitals responsible for hematology and oncology. They have recognized the need for delivering ultrapure air for vulnerable patients. We have delivered altogether over 150 units in Polish hospitals. Of the 16 regions in Poland, 13 are using Genano to protect patients with immunodeficiency, for example after cancer treatment.

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