Genano air purification technology

Genano has developed a unique air purification method that can eliminate microbes and remove particles down to nanosize.

The efficiency of Genano Technology® is based on a powerful electric field within the unit, capable of removing ultrafine particles and killing microbes, such as viruses, bacteria and mold. Particles and impurities are gathered on a surface inside the unit, and washed away automatically once a week. Finally, the air flow is led through an active carbon filter which removes gases and unpleasant odours from the air.

Genano Technology:

Genano air purifiers do not have filters that are easily clogged up or need regular changing. Therefore the purifiers are easy to use and their purification power stays high.

Genano technology has been developed in Finland and is patented globally. All Genano air purifiers are designed and manufactured in Finland.

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Ultrafine Particles

The biggest health risk in the air we breathe is related to ultrafine particles and hazardous gases. These substances are able to penetrate to the bloodstream through alveoles in our lungs. The smaller the particle, the deeper it will be able to penetrate in our lungs. These kinds of impurities are, for example, particles from polluted outdoor air.

Removing them is not possible with traditional HEPA filters.

Compare the size scale yourself:

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