Air purification for hospitals and other healthcare units

Air purification solutions for healthcare

Environmental Infection Control Against Airborne Pathogens

Healthcare facilities have a wide range of critical areas where poor air purification can lead to a disaster. Hospital-acquired infections lead to a prolonged in-patient length of stay, increased use of antibiotics and, most importantly, unnecessary human suffering.

Genano is a rapid and cost-efficient way to improve air hygiene in healthcare facilities by preventing transmission of airborne pathogens. In contrast to HEPA filters, Genano also destroys airborne microbes.

Our services include:

Control of
Infectious Diseases

Genano is a rapid and cost-efficient way to build isolation rooms to protect patients and staff.

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Prevention of
Surgical Site Infections

Decrease surgical-site infections with Genano air purifiers.

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Protection of
Immunocompromised Patients

Genano air purifiers are an efficient way to reduce airborne infectious agents near immunocompromised patients.

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Are You Aware of the Cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)?

Of every 100 hospitalized patients, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire at least one healthcare-associated infection, according to WHO. Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a huge cost for health care systems worldwide. It is estimated that in Europe alone, 16 million extra days of hospital stays and 37 000 unnecessary deaths yearly are due to HAI. Yearly financial losses are estimated to be at least 7 billion euros in Europe alone.

Micro-organisms or dust particles carrying infectious agents can remain airborne for an indefinite time when they are small enough. Current fiber filter (HEPA) based systems are not sufficient to prevent airborne transmission. Specialized air decontamination procedures are required to control infections. Premium air quality prevents HAIs and is an investment that will pay itself back.

Contamination control in laboratories

Contamination control in laboratories
In laboratories, air quality is an important factor in assuring production and research quality. Airborne contamination can, at worst, lead to product recalls, expensive investigations and cleaning procedures, not to mention a weakened image and credibility. Reliability and repeatability of research results and protecting the staff from particles in the air are also a concern.

In laboratories, our strength is removing nanosized particles from the air. Read more about air purification in laboratories

Indoor Air Quality Control

Indoor Air Quality Control in Healthcare facilities

Air quality issues often escalate during building renovation work or because of moisture problems. To secure the indoor air quality for the for clinical work and patient recovery, Genano’s nanoscale air purification solution is used to separate and protect the indoor air ventilation of departments under normal hospital operation. Mobile air purifiers are used to strictly stop air impurities including ultrafine particles (pollen, synthetic fibers, VOC gases, fine dust etc.) from entering unwanted premises.

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Our Customers

Dammam Central Hospital –
Fighting MERS in Saudi Arabia

Fighting MERS in Saudi Arabia

When the MERS epidemic struck, hospitals in Saudi Arabia needed to increase the number of isolation rooms rapidly. Genano has helped in building new negative pressure isolation rooms to keep patients, visitors and health care professionals safe.

Genano Customer Case – Fighting against MERS in Saudi Arabian central hospitals

UZ Leuven – Patient safety comes first in Belgium’s largest hospital

UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven, the largest hospital in Belgium, uses Genano air purifiers to protect patients in critical condition, such as after organ transplantation.
Genano Customer Case – Patient safety comes first in Belgiums largest hospital

Protecting hematology patients in Polish regional hospitals

Polish regional hospital

Genano has delivered a total of over 150 air purifiers to Polish regional hospitals responsible for hematology and oncology. Genano air purifiers are used as an additional system for maintaining high air hygiene level in rooms with immunosuppressed patients.

Genano Customer Case – Protecting hematology patients in Polish regional hospitals

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