Design From Finland Mark granted for Genano air purifiers

Great news! Genano air purifiers have been granted the Design From Finland Mark as a symbol of Finnish design.

Our products have been designed in collaboration with award-winning Finnish designer Harri Koskinen.

The quality, robustness and usability of Genano air purifiers are result of vigorous design process where our customers’ needs are set as priority. Our devices are user-friendly and time-withstanding both in structure and appearance.

They represent high-quality Scandinavian design that fits seamlessly into any space and environment.

Design from Finland – The Mark for unique and high-quality Finnish Design

The Design from Finland mark was launched in 2011 when it was recognised that design should be highlighted as a critical success factor for Finnish companies. The mark provides consumers in Finland and abroad with evidence of Finnish design excellence. Well-designed products and services are better to use, and consumers find them more desirable.

The Design from Finland mark may be awarded to any product or service designed in Finland, provided that the company has demonstrably invested in Finnish design.

The company’s head office must be in Finland. The product may be manufactured in Finland or abroad. For the detailed award criteria, consult the Design from Finland terms.

The right to use the Design from Finland mark is awarded upon application for a term of three years by an independent Design from Finland Committee with expertise in the field.  The Design from Finland mark has been awarded to hundreds of products and services.

More information:

Jenni Koskela, Marketing Manager,, +358 443742441