Fighting MERS in Saudi Arabia with the help of Genano

The Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has frequently been on the news. The virus was first found in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and an epidemic broke out and spread to neighbouring countries.

This spring and summer the MERS virus has advanced from the Middle East to other parts of Asia as nearly 200 cases have been found in South Korea. There have also been cases in China, the Phillipines, Thailand and Taiwan etc.

Genano has successfully been combatting the virus in Saudi Arabia where several isolation rooms with Genano decontamination units have been built. With the help of Genano-technology there has been a significant improvement in the safety of other patients, visitors and of the health professionals treating the MERS-patients. The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has recommended using Genano air decontamination units in the isolation rooms in Saudi hospitals. Find out more about how Genano is saving lives in the fight against the MERS virus.