Finnish healthcare was a hit at Arab Health 2016

Genano Ltd at Arab Health 2016

Finnish healthcare companies were well represented at the recent Arab Health event in Dubai, 25-28 January 2016.

For Genano Ltd, this largest healthcare exhibition in the Gulf region has been an important yearly event since 2010. Genano air decontamination units are widely used in the region, for example in Saudi Arabia, to combat the spreading of MERS virus in healthcare facilities.

”Arab Health is a focal meeting point, where our existing customers are well represented. In-depth discussions with them are extremely valuable”, summarizes Vice President Klaus Nissinen (photo, middle).

New Genano 5250 raised interest

One of the key outcomes of listening to customers has been Genano’s constant product development. The newest product model, Genano 5250, was introduced to the large audience at Arab Health.

”The Genano 5250 has many features that have been designed together with our customers”, tells Nissinen. ”The new model can deliver up to 500 cubic meters of ultrapure air in an hour, according to our customers’ wishes, and needs maintenance only every 6 months thanks to a bigger washing liquid reservoir. Also included is a better connectivity with negative and positive pressure kits, which allow our customers to easily build new isolation rooms for infectious diseases and to protect vulnerable patients.”

Finnish companies joined forces at Arab Health 2016

Genano recently joined FinlandCare, an internationalization program which promotes world-class Finnish healthcare service providers.

In connection with Arab Health, FinlandCare and members arranged a high-level seminar. The event, named ”Why Finland?” was opened by Finnish ambassador Riitta Swan and gave FinlandCare member companies the possibility to present their solutions to high-level local contacts and VIP customers.

”Genano’s strength is in preventing healthcare-associated infections, which are a huge cost for healthcare systems worldwide”, explains Nissinen. ”We presented how we can help lower these costs and save lives. I believe we got top quality contacts that will open doors”, says Nissinen.