Genano aims to boost air purifier exports to the Asian market

FinlandCare trips to Asia have resulted in a promising pilot project in Malaysia and the formation of an export group by Finnish companies around a joint hygiene concept.

Established in 1999, Genano is the market leader for indoor air purifiers in Finland. Its patented air purification method removes particles down to nanometre size from indoor air, eliminating microbes such as viruses, bacteria and moulds, and also removing gases and odours.

Genano’s equipment is used in hospitals and laboratories as well as in schools, daycare centres, offices, health centres and businesses. The company has operated in the international markets since its foundation, particularly in the hospital sector.

“So far our biggest export successes have been in Saudi Arabia where we sold isolation units to 18 hospitals during the MERS virus outbreak, and in Poland where we have delivered isolation units and equipment to all the country’s hematology institutions,” says Genano’s Vice President Klaus Nissinen…

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