Genano collaborates for better hospital hygiene

Health technology is currently the largest high-tech export segment of Finnish industry. Finnish health tech exports rose to a new record level of €1.92 billion in 2015, an increase of 6.6% compared to the previous year.

To accelerate this growth, Team Finland organized a ministerial event to network Finnish companies and other actors in the field. The event, “Health from Finland to the world” was held in Helsinki on May 20th.

The event included a high-level panel discussion with two ministers: the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Lenita Toivakka, and the Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Juha Rehula, together with CEOs from prominent Finnish healthcare companies. The panelists discussed about the future of Finnish health export and the ways to support its growth.

Genano’s Klaus Nissinen talked at the event together with Anu Kivelä from Medanta and Mauri Leponen from Ecosir about the importance of collaboration. Through collaboration even small and medium-sized companies can offer comprehensive services to customers. Genano, Medanta and Ecosir all focus on different aspects of hospital hygiene – air, textiles and waste removal. Together they can offer a comprehensive service to hospitals in areas that often get overlooked when thinking about hygiene.

“While hygiene in operating theatres is very well taken care of, other functions in the hospital can be lagging behind”, says Klaus Nissinen from Genano. “A cancer patient, for example, needs professional air purification in the patient room they are staying in. It is crucial, because their immune system can be extremely low due to the treatment, and even an ordinary flu can be deadly.”

Genano and Medanta are starting a pilot project in Malesia, where the effects of Medanta’s antibacterial working clothes and Genano’s air decontamination units on hospital hygiene are tested.

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