Genano helps doctors make dreams come true in Cyprus

Not all parents are easily found by the stork, sometimes it needs help. Crown IVF Cyprus helps parents fulfil their dream through in vitro fertilization.

In in vitro fertilization, the egg is fertilized outside of the body “in vitro”, meaning “in glass”. The fertilized egg is then planted in the woman’s uterus. In vitro fertilized babies are also sometimes called “test tube babies”.

Top level air quality is extremely important when working with living cells that will grow into a person. Particles flowing in the air such as air pollution, bacteria or viruses are harmful to the cells. “Any contamination may affect the oocytes or embryos down to DNA level before we have implanted the cells to the mother”, says owner and head doctor of the Crown IVF Cyprus Centre, Dr. Halil Tekin.

Crown IVF uses Genano air purifiers to further purify HEPA-filtered air to make sure the air in their facilities is as clean as it can be. “Since using Genano air purifiers we have had a marked increase in our success rates in terms of first time pregnancy results and less miscarriages”, satisfied Dr. Tekin says.

Over the years, Dr. Tekin and his team have helped over 22 000 families to reach their dream of having children. Genano is proud to help Crown IVF bring joy to thousands of families.

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