Genano says “Moi Helsinki” in Beijing

Genano took part in the “Moi Helsinki” event, held May 11-13 in Beijing. The event was held in celebration of the 10th anniversary of twin-city relationship between Helsinki and Beijing. The objective of the event was to promote Finnish culture, business and tourism.

As part of “Moi Helsinki”, Genano took part in an Air Quality Business seminar and a Beautiful Beijing seminar, aiming to promote Finnish companies doing business in China. Ms. Wu Yufang, the General Manager of Holly Environmental Technology Industrial Co., spoke about the presence of Genano in China and what Genano can provide for the medical market. Holly Environmental Technology is the local representative of Genano.

As part of the seminar program, participants had the opportunity to visit a middle school in Beijing, and make important connections to Chinese hospitals and cities, for example the Sino-Finnish cooperation pilot city of Southern New Town of Nanjing.

We thank the Beautiful Beijing program for organising these opportunities!

Beautiful Beijing is a growth program between Finland and China that tackles the Chinese cleantech demand. One of the main focus areas of Beautiful Beijing is air quality.

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