Genano presenting Hygienic Hospital Concept at Arab Health 2017

On 30th Jan – 2nd Feb, Genano’s air purification expertise has been showcased at the Arab Health Fair in Dubai. Arab Health is the largest healthcare exhibition & medical congress in the Middle East region and the second largest in the world.

This year, Genano presented a unique Hygienic Hospital Concept with two other Finnish health tech companies, Medanta and Ecosir. Our innovative solutions target the missing pieces of the hygienic chain by controlling transmission routes: air (Genano), textiles (Medanta) and waste and linen transfer (Ecosir).

Klaus Nissinen Arab HealthPresenting together with Ecosir and Medanta

Finnish Collaboration on Better Hospital Hygiene

The collaboration begin in 2016 on the idea that through collaboration even small and medium-sized companies can offer comprehensive services to customers. Genano, Medanta and Ecosir all focus on different aspects of hospital hygiene – air, textiles and waste removal. Together they can offer a comprehensive service to hospitals in areas that often get overlooked when thinking about hygiene.

“While hygiene in operating theatres is very well taken care of, other functions in the hospital can be lagging behind”, said Klaus Nissinen from Genano at a Team Finland panel discussion last year. “A cancer patient, for example, needs professional air purification in the patient room they are staying in. It is crucial, because their immune system can be extremely low due to the treatment, and even an ordinary flu can be deadly.”

The common aim of the Hygienic Hospital group is to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections in order to reduce operation costs and save lives. See video below to learn more.

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Product release:

Product release: New high-capacity air purifier for demanding use in hospitals and laboratories

Genano5200_300x200-01At Arab Health we also presented our latest addition our premium air purifier portfolio: the Genano 5200 air purifier.

Genano 5200 delivers up to 500 mof ultrapure air in an hour and is designed for demanding air decontamination use in hospitals and laboratories. Applications for the unit include hospital isolation rooms for patients with infectious diseases, protective environment rooms for patients with lowered immune defense, e.g. after cancer treatment, and hospital critical areas.

Read more about Genano 5200 >>.

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