Press Release: New Flagship Product from Genano Delivers 500 Cubic Meters of Air Per Hour

Genano 5250 is a new air decontamination unit from the Finnish hi-tech company Genano Ltd. It has been designed to produce up to 500 cubic meters of ultrapure air in an hour. At the same time, the noise produced by the unit has been significantly reduced.

It utilizes the same Genano Technology as previous products from Genano Ltd. The patented method for producing ultrapure air is able to remove and eliminate microbes, particles down to nanosize and gases from indoor air.

Genano 5250 is equipped with a touch screen and versatile features. The unit can be programmed with an automatic weekly program and includes an automatic washing function which can be manually controlled in critical spaces.

Applications for the unit include hospital isolation rooms for patients with infectious diseases, protective environment rooms for patients with lowered immune defense, e.g. after cancer treatment, and hospital critical areas.

– This is  a unit for high requirements without compromises, summarizes Klaus Nissinen, Vice President at Genano Ltd.

Klaus Nissinen
Vice President & International Sales
+358 400 405 584

About Genano Ltd
Genano Ltd has been founded 1999. The Genano Technology® method used in Genano units is patented worldwide. It is capable of removing particles down to nanosize and eliminating microbes, instead of only collecting them.

From the beginning, Genano has served hospitals and laboratories that have extremely high requirements for air purity. Our clients have been forerunners who have seen the possibilities of a new technology. A significant step forward has been the collaboration to stop MERS virus from spreading in Saudi Arabia. Genano has helped to build isolation rooms rapidly and the Ministry of Health has given a formal recommendation to use Genano units in hospital settings to prevent spreading of the disease.

Genano headquarters are located in Espoo, metropolitan area of Finland. Products and services are available in over 20 countries.

More information
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