Product release: New high-capacity air purifier for demanding use in hospitals and laboratories

Genano_5200_webGenano 5200 is a new high-capacity purifier that utilizes the ultra-effective Genano technology.

Genano 5200 delivers up to 500 mof ultrapure air in an hour and is designed for demanding air decontamination use in hospitals and laboratories. Applications for the unit include hospital isolation rooms for patients with infectious diseases, protective environment rooms for patients with lowered immune defense, e.g. after cancer treatment, and hospital critical areas.

The design and size of the model is the same as Genano 5250 flagship purifier. Unlike it’s big sister Genano 5250, which has a touch screen panel, the new Genano 5200 has a user-friendly manual control panel and three preset air flow options. It’s a cost-effective solution for all hospital air purification needs including critical areas with positive or negative pressure rooms.

Genano 5200 utilizes the same Genano Technology as our other product models. The patented method for producing ultrapure air is able to remove and eliminate microbes, particles down to nanosize and gases from indoor air. Read more about our technology >>.








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