Genano Customer Cases

From the beginning, Genano has served hospitals and laboratories that have extremely high requirements for air purity. Our clients have been forerunners who have seen the possibilities of a new technology. We have thousands of installations around the world including solutions for hospitals and laboratories, air pollution and sick building syndrome in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. When it comes to air quality, our customers only accept the best and that is why they have chosen Genano.


Dammam Central Hospital –
Fighting MERS in Saudi Arabia

Fighting MERS in Saudi Arabia

When the MERS epidemic struck, hospitals in Saudi Arabia needed to increase the number of isolation rooms rapidly. Genano has helped in building new negative pressure isolation rooms to keep patients, visitors and health care professionals safe.

Genano Customer Case – Fighting against MERS in Saudi Arabian central hospitals

UZ Leuven – Patient safety comes first in Belgium’s largest hospital

UZ Leuven

UZ Leuven, the largest hospital in Belgium, uses Genano air purifiers to protect patients in critical condition, such as after organ transplantation.
Genano Customer Case – Patient safety comes first in Belgiums largest hospital

Protecting hematology patients in Polish regional hospitals

Polish regional hospital

Genano has delivered a total of over 150 air purifiers to Polish regional hospitals responsible for hematology and oncology. Genano air purifiers are used as an additional system for maintaining high air hygiene level in rooms with immunosuppressed patients.

Genano Customer Case – Protecting hematology patients in Polish regional hospitals


Crown IVF Cyprus –
Air purification in a fertilisation clinic

Air purification in a fertilisation clinic

“Since using Genano air purifiers we have had a marked increase in our success rates in terms of first time pregnancy results and less miscarriages”, summarises Dr.

Genano Customer Case – Making dreams come true in a top class fertility clinic

Mobidiag – Removing DNA fragments from air in PCR laboratories

Mobidiag Inc

The air brought to the laboratories is decontaminated by a Genano air purifier before entering the room. In addition, stand-alone Genano units are
used to circulate and purify the air in critical spaces. “Genano system is a perfect solution for our needs”, summarizes Mr. Tenkanen.

Genano Customer Case – Air purifying in a molecular diagnostics company

Finnzymes –
Air purification in enzyme packing lines


Genano Customer Case – Minimising contamination risks in a pcr production company

The aim of using Genano air purifiers was to prevent airborne particles from spreading in the premises. Genano air purifiers were placed in the working rooms that had the greatest influence on the purity of the products. In these rooms, the final products are dispensed, liquids and buffers are prepared and other laboratory work is performed.

SUERC – Improving the air quality in an existing cleanroom and protecting the staff


Genano Customer Case – Securing the staff and removing contamination in a research centre

Due to internally raised concerns, one area of SUERC premises was closed in 2012 for a thorough air quality study. SUERC was committed to raise the air quality to a higher level to keep the health risks to the staff at a minimum. Additionally, they found the regular changing of HEPA filters inconvenient and the cost of the filters expensive.

Mannheim Universitätsklinikum –
Air purification in the clinical Radiopharmacy deparment


Genano Customer Case – Exceeding expectations in Mannheim Universitätsklinikum

The clinical Radiopharmacy deparment of the Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Institute of the university clinic Mannheim needed to reduce the number of particles in the production process. The institute wanted to follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines for radiopharmaceuticals according to the German and international guidelines to improve air quality in a special manufacturing sector.

UK Laboratoy Contamination Study

Genano Customer Case – Elimination of Contaminants in a Quality Control Laboratory

This laboratory contamination study was conducted in the United Kingdom. The client in this contamination study is an international, UK headquartered company, developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of specialized bio-research reagents that simplify, accelerate and improve life sciences research. The Genano 310 unit is used in one of their UK based laboratories, to keep the air quality acceptable for use in their quality control laboratory.

Indoor Air Quality

Improving IAQ in a Finnish school

Indoor air quality in school

Genano Case Story – Improving IAQ in a Finnish school

“In recent years, there have been efforts to renovate and seal parts of the school. However, the enhanced ventilation has led to different fine particles being released from the structures. The exposure of students and staff to IAQ problems is followed yearly by surveys. Partly because of these survey results, we decided to equip every classroom and staff work space with a Genano air purifier.”

Kindergarten compared air purifiers

UZ Leuven

Genano Case Story – Kindergarten compared air purifiers

The kindergarten had been showing signs of indoor air quality problems due to sick building syndrome: people had repeated sinusitis, fever and headache.
Of the two identical departments of the kindergarten, they equipped one department with Genano air purifiers and the other one with a competing brand.

Municipality made a smart move

Fighting MERS in Saudi Arabia

Genano Case Story – Municipality made a smart move

The municipality of Kangasniemi in middle-Finland faced indoor air quality problems simultaneously in several real estates in the year 2010. The municipal technical services conducted a survey on how they could afford the repair work, estimated to be worth tens of millions of euros, at worst.The municipality saved altogether ca. 360 000 € by using Genano air purifiers instead of acquiring temporary working spaces.

Improved IAQ Increased Student Activity (video)


Genano Customer Case – Improved IAQ Increased Student Activity in a Polish School

SMART SCHOOL is the first scientific research project in Poland aimed at showing the impact of properly selected work environment on improving not only student health, but also on improving their learning, cognitive function and increased activity during classes. The project was carried out by WPIP, private contractor for industrial, office, constructing and technological investments. Genano air purifiers were part of the project, creating safer indoor air.

Air-related Symptoms No Longer Trouble in Seppo School (video)

Genano Customer Case – Air-related Symptoms No Longer Trouble in Seppo School

The staff and pupils of Seppo School, located in Northern-Tapiola Finland, had been showing symptoms of poor indoor air quality for years. The school had undergone major renovations and cleaning operations, but these were unable to fully cure all the symptoms.