“As a result we have seen an increase in student activity and 40% reduction in sick leaves.”Barbara Ziółkowska, Director of the KWS School


The implications of indoor air quality (IAQ) on people’s health are significant. High-quality indoor air is essential for health, with both immediate and long-term effect. Clean indoor air improves work performance and efficiency and has several direct and indirect indications on well-being in general. Studies have shown that the quality of indoor air is important even for cognitive function and learning.


SMART SCHOOL is the first scientific research project in Poland aimed at showing the impact of properly selected work environment on improving not only student health, but also on improving their learning, cognitive function and increased activity during classes. The project was carried out by WPIP, private contractor for industrial, office, constructing and technological investments. Genano air purifiers were part of the project, creating safer indoor air.


The project was carried out from December 2016 to the end of March 2017. The SMART SCHOOL project compared the attendance of children and teachers and the effectiveness of learning before and during the project. The selected place for the research was the KSW school in Poznań, Poland.



Before the installation of the Genano air purifiers, the air quality in each space was determinated. This was followed up by the air quality analysis after the installation. The microbiological air test was performed using the collision method with the MERCK MAS 100-Eco machine test. To assess the air quality of the rooms, the variability of the basic physical air parameters were analyzed (air temperature, air relative humidity, CO2 concentration and the number of dust particles suspended in the air). Genano air purifiers were introduced into all class rooms, communal spaces, corridors, offices and general spaces. The overall takeover of a school is the only way to guarantee a cleaner and safer indoor air throughout a building.


During the project the following results were recorded:


“We were not aware of the extent of air pollution exceeded. The effect of the Genano devices, ie. the pleasant feeling, the cleaner air and the results of the observations made us feel very impressed and made us aware of earlier bad air quality.” – Barbara Ziółkowska, Director of the KWS School.


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