The staff and pupils of Seppo School, located in Northern-Tapiola Finland, had been showing symptoms of poor indoor air quality for years. The school had undergone major renovations and cleaning operations, but these were unable to fully cure all the symptoms.

Jaana Koskinen, a teacher at the school, states that her asthmatic symptoms and coughing started already in the early 90’s and that these symptoms have grown stronger over the years. “Almost all the other elementary schools in the area have had to move into temporary spaces and that of course is not an ideal situation for anyone.” she adds.

Genano nanoscale air purifiers have been used at other locations by the city of Espoo in the past with good results and few had also been located in some spaces of the Seppo school. Genano air purifiers were first located in those classrooms where teachers showed symptoms. The vice principle, Jouni-Jukka Annala’s classroom was one of the first ones. “My first symptoms were itchy eyes and sneezing,” says Annala.

When the health problems among teachers and students continued it was understood that it is not enough to only clean the air in individual rooms. A comprehensive takeover is the only way to guarantee clean air in the entire building.

During the spring of 2017 each space of Seppo school received an air purifier, based on Genano’s recommendations. The full range of Genano products was exploited in different sized classrooms. In addition, Genano Tube air purifiers were placed along the school hallways to guarantee a comprehensive cleaning of indoor air.

“All my symptoms simply disappeared when the air was cleaner. – Vice-principle  Jouni-Jukka Annala.”

The improved air quality, as obtained by the nanoscale air purifiers, was quickly noticed around the school. “In general, the sick leaves have declined since the air purifiers arrived”, says the school secretary Pirjo Myllys. One of the female teachers’ says that the air purifiers have made normal living possible at the school premises. As the most important aspect, however, she sees the improved concentration of the students since the indoor air has been cleaner.

“At the moment the general feeling is good – the air is cleaner. The worry of how the situation might change, if the air purifiers are taken out of the school, lingers around. Currently the situation with these air purifiers is good”, says Saija Holopainen, the principle of Seppo school.

The difference has also been noticed by the vice principle Annala, who keeps it highly important from the recruitment point of view. “We can give people a positive statement regarding our indoor air quality, now that we have these purifiers humming around.”

The future is open with Seppo school. Genano is working actively together with Espoo’s Public Utility – Premises Department to obtain clean indoor air quality at the school. The cooperation is not only for when renovation are being planned, but also for when they are being implemented and even after renovations.

“I have never known of a machine with such power! Other types have mainly had a cosmetic effect. This one is effective!! – Female teacher at Seppo school”