Laboratory air purifiers

Assure production and research quality

Laboratory air purifiers

In laboratories, air quality is an important factor in assuring production and research quality. Airborne contamination can, at worst, lead to product recalls, expensive investigations and cleaning procedures, not to mention a weakened image and credibility. Reliability and repeatability of research results and protecting the staff from particles in the air are also a concern.

In laboratories, our strength is removing nanosized particles from the air. Genano Technology has been tested down to three nanometers particle size and it is capable of removing both organic and inert matter. Additionally, all living contamination is eliminated as part of the air purification process. Read more about our research results

What is a cleanroom?

Technically, a cleanroom is an environment with a low and controlled level of environmental contaminants such as dust, airborne microbes, fine particles, and chemicals. The international ISO 14644 standard establishes classes of air cleanliness for airborne particulate levels in cleanrooms and associated cleanroom areas, (clean zones).

The cleanroom ISO classes are defined according to particle count per cubic meter (depending on particle size) at certain conditions. To verify compliance with ISO class a discrete-particle-counting instrument is used to determine the concentration of airborne particles, equal to and greater than the specified sizes, at designated sampling locations.

In addition to particle count, other important factors in cleanroom design are the rate of air volume change per hour (ACH) and pressure difference between the clean room and outside environment. In some circumstances, relevant regulatory agencies may impose supplementary policies or restrictions. In such situations, appropriate adaptations to the standard testing procedures might be required. Organization-specific Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines must also be considered.

The ISO 14644 standard addresses particles within the size range of 0,1- 5 um, while a new standard for monitoring of air purity by concentration of airborne nanoscale particles (pka ultrafine particles) is currently under development (ISO/DIS 14644-12).


HEPA filters commonly utilized to filter supply air flow in a cleanroom can only collect particles of 0.3 μm and larger in diameter, which renders need for additional air decontamination technologies such as additional air purifier units in the room. A new standard for monitoring of air purity by concentration of airborne nanoscale particles (aka ultrafine particles, < 0,1 μm) is currently under development (ISO/DIS 14644-12).

Majority of nanoparticles in cleanrooms are process-related and must be effectively removed at the source. While most particles in cleanrooms can be related to human activity, nanosized particles are also generated by electrostatic discharge, chemical reactions such as oxidation, and gas phase nucleation. These contaminants cannot be removed with fixed HVAC interfaced HEPA filtering systems.

GENANO – High Quality Production & Research in Laboratories

Genano air purifiers are designed to protect your products, research and staff from airborne contamination. With Genano, you can build new laboratory cleanrooms rapidly and cost-efficiently; raise the air quality of an existing cleanroom; and protect your staff.

With Genano laboratory air purifiers, ISO class 6-7 cleanrooms can be reached cost-efficiently and rapidly. Genano air purification technology has ISO 14644 Standard. The solution can be designed to fit any room-spesific needs for ACH, pressurization or other details. Genano air purifiers also work as additional purification system in existing cleanrooms and clean zones, where nanoscale decontamination is needed.

Building cleanrooms with Genano is highly cost-efficient and fast compared to traditional HEPA systems.
Only minor piping work is needed to connect the Genano air purifier to central ventilation. All of the supply air enters the room through the unit, while air flow is controlled to create positive pressure difference to outside environment. A second unit is utilized to constantly circulate and purify the air from any process and human-related contaminants.

In addition, Genano air purifiers are equipped with high-surface-area active carbon collectors that remove gaseous substances.

Genano’s advantages

1. Purifies air from particles and microbes down to nanometer sizescale (0,003 μm) and removes gaseous substances.

2. Highly cost-efficient with low life-time running costs and facile maintenance compared to HEPA systems.

3. Easy plug & play installation enabling for fast relocation.


CLEANROOM DESIGN with Genano air purifiers


Genano improves air purification in cleanrooms and laboratories with nanoscale contamination control. Genano units remove process-related contaminants right at the source and prevent cross-contamination. The units complement the dedicated cleanroom ventilation system.

Genano air purification technology has been tested according to the ISO 14644 Standard. Cleanrooms of ISO class 7 to 5 cleanliness can be reached cost-efficiently and rapidly with Genano units.


Genano air purifers help to meet laboratory-spesific performance requirements related to air circulation, cleanliness level and low energy consumption.

Genano air purifiers increase the total ventilation rate and reduce the amount of airborne contaminants without affecting room pressurization.

In case the positive/negative pressure is not satisfactory, the Genano unit can be connected to air supply to achieve the exact pressure difference.


Genano provides constant air flow and cleanliness level. The unit system does not get clogged up by dust or other particles for the absence of any filter media. Genano does not suffer from increase in pressure drop due to accumulation of particle mass, nor does it provide substrate for microbes to grow.

In addition, Genano air purifiers are equipped with high-surface area active carbon collectors that remove gaseous substances.


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