Genano Air Purification Technology

When HEPA Is Not Enough

The biggest health risk in the air we breathe is related to ultrafine particles and hazardous gases. These substances are able to penetrate to the bloodstream through alveoles in our lungs. The smaller the particle, the deeper it will be able to penetrate in our lungs. These kinds of impurities are, for example, mold toxins and particles from polluted outdoor air.

Removing them is not possible with traditional HEPA filters.

Genano’s core advantage is the unique air purification method that can eliminate microbes and remove particles down to nanosize.

The technology has been scientifically tested down to 3 nanometer size particles (PM 0.003) – Genano Technology removes 99.5 % of even the smallest of the particles. Compared to standard HEPA filters, Genano’s purification performance is a 100 times better in terms of particle size. In addition, Genano also eliminates the microbes instead of just collecting them.
Particle removal efficiency is often a misleading parameter when comparing air purifiers. Think which is more important – to remove 0,3 micron particles with 99,99 % efficiency – or to remove 0,003 micron particles with 99,5 % efficiency?



The superior performance of Genano Technology® is based on a patented method for purification, which 

The unique patented Genano Technology® is based on co-operation between the process of ionization and electrostatic attraction of
particles. It cleans the air from particulate matter of all sizes. Genano technology has originally been developed in Finland for clean room air purification and is patented globally.


Genano Technology® can clean indoor air from even the smallest, ultrafine particles, down to nanoscale. In addion, the method kills microbes, such as viruses, bacteria and mold spores.

First, contaminated air is led inside the unit (1). Particles are charged negatively in powerful corona discharges. The negatively charged particles are attached to the positive collection surface (2). Particle-free air is then led through a special 3-layer active carbon collector, which effectively removes VOC gases and odours (3). Outcoming ultrapure air is completely free from microbes, particles and gaseous substances (4).
Most mobile Genano product models units have an automatic washing function which reduces the need for maintenance and keeps the cleaning efficiency high at all times (5). Genano 120 and Genano Tube XS utilize a special collector module, which captures both particulate matter and gaseous substances.




One of the main advantages of the Genano system is that air purification takes place entirely inside the device and no particles or ions are distributed into the room air.

Ionization-based air purification methods are typically accused of ozone production as a process by-product. When it comes to Genano, this claim is irrelevant. Genano devices do not produce ozone – they actually reduce the background concentration of ozone in indoor air produced by other devices such as printers. However, it is true that a small amount of ozone can be formed in the ionization process. The very small amount of ozone released in the closed cleaning process inside a Genano air purifier is captured by the effective Active Carbon Collector.

A major advantage of a closed purification mechanism is that dead microbes, mold spores or ionized particles cannot escape the unit and re-enter the room. In addition, the powerful Active Carbon Collector ensures that harmful gases and odours are removed from the indoor air. Only ultrapure air will come out.


The purification efficiency and performance of Genano Technology has been researched comprehensively. Genano air purifiers have been tested in versatile laboratory conditions, as well as in real use conditions. Download our studies or see examples below:

  • The particle removal efficiency of Genano technology has been measured by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The reported efficiency was better than 99.5 % for all sizes between 0,003-10 μm and for all air flow rates.
  • The particle removal efficiency of a Genano Air Purifier was studied in a high-risk hospital room in a bone marrow transplantation unit by Istanbul University (Biomedical Device Technology). Genano 310 device reduced the particle count from 8 million to negligible within 15 minutes.

  • Cleanroom ISO 6 class was reached with a Genano air purifier in study made by a indoor air expert company Epitek Ltd. The particle concentration of air was reduced to 1 % in 13 minutes.
  • Test by research company MetropoliLab showed that Genano air purifiers are able to eliminate microbes. No viable microbes were observed in the decontaminated air or in the washing liquid inside the unit.
  • In a research setting by Laboratoire National d’Essai, different microorganisms were spread in the air to study the purification ability of Genano air purifiers. The entire population or bacteria Gram-, yeast and mold was removed in less than 40 min.


Genano air purifiers have been tested with these microorganisms:


Genano air purifiers are designed to continuously recycle and purify indoor air, to improve air quality with a normal air ventilation system. The standalone units are easy to move around when needed.

Devices based on filter technologies are penalized to use such systems because of increased pressure drop from the additional filtering mechanism. Unlike devices based on filter technologies, Genano technology cleans the air in free air flow, so the air volume and the purification level are constant at all times. Genano air purifiers do not get clogged up by large amounts of particles, and no exchange of expensive filters is required. Genano is a durable, economical solution with low need for maintenance.

All Genano air purifiers are designed and manufactured in Finland. READ MORE