Genano 120

Genano 120 air purifier combines the provenly effective Genano technology with elegant and minimalist appearance.

Genano 120 is specifically designed for air purification needs of patient rooms, offices and other small spaces. No installation needed – just plug into an electric outlet and enjoy pure air!

The air flow rate of Genano 120 can be easily adjusted with a 6-step manual control up to 120 m3 of fresh air per hour. Even at full operation speed the unit is quiet.

Genano 120 purifies indoor air from even nanosized particles including viruses, bacteria, mold spores, pollen as well as traffic generated soot particles. Like other Genano air purifiers, Genano 120 utilizes the unique filter-free electric air decontamination technology.

All airborne contaminants are collected to a collector module that is changed approximately twice a year by authorized Genano service (frequency of the collector change is dependent on the usage conditions), and no other maintenance is needed.

Nordic design in four colors

The clean and stylish look of Genano 120 has been designed by internationally-acclaimed Finnish designer Harri Koskinen. The painted steel casing is timeless and durable and it comes in four different colors. Which one is your favourite? Pure white or Lemon? Sea green or Graphite?

Genano 120 all colors and person

Product sheet and manual

Technical data sheet – Genano 120

User manual Genano 120