5250 in a patient roomGenano 5250 Automatic

Genano 5250 Automatic is our most advanced and modern air purifier.  It is the right choice for places where air needs to be decontaminated from microbes, nanosized particles and gases ultraefficiently: hospital isolation rooms, protective patient rooms, and critical areas.

Large Amount of Ultrapure Air

The new Genano 5250 Automatic delivers an impressive amount of ultrapure air, up to 500 m3 in an hour. It uses Genano Technology® which is able to capture all particle sizes down to nanosized particles, eliminate microbes such as viruses and bacteria, and remove gases and odours.

At the same time we have been able to reduce the noise level produced by the unit. This means you will get more pure air with less noise, and the unit can be used comfortably even in small spaces.

Additional settings for Genano 5250SettingsAdapts to Your Needs

Genano 5250 Automatic has versatile settings, including a stepless fan speed setting, and the possibility to insert your own weekly program.

The modern touch screen makes Genano 5250 Automatic easy to use. Alerts and warnings are displayed clearly and can be directly sent to maintenance.

Special emphasis has been put to user rights control. In critical areas, the unit can be locked with a pin code accessible only by authorized maintenance.

Finnish Design

The exterior of Genano 5250 Automatic has been designed by one of the most famous Finnish designers, Harri Koskinen. Many of his timeless works have been awarded internationally.

Technical information

Technical information GENANO 5250 Automatic
Cleaning capacity
Max. 500 m3/h
Particle removal >0,003 µm
Cleaning efficiency
99,5 %
Gas removal Included: 800 g active carbon, 60 mm
Size (w x d x h mm) 600 x 600 x 1680
Weight 91 kg
Construction Painted steel
Operating voltage 200-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
90–260 W
Usage temperature +5…+60 °C
Sound level
30-42 dB(A)
Automatic (can be turned off in critical area use)
Mobile, can be equipped with a negative and/or positive pressure adaptor kit
Fan speed
Continuous variable speed

Download Product Data Sheet:

Genano 5250 Automatic Data Sheet (English)

User Manual:

Genano 5250 Automatic – User manual


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