Research results

The purification efficiency and performance of Genano Technology has been researched comprehensively. Genano air purifiers have been tested in versatile laboratory conditions, as well as in real use conditions.

All reports shown below are given by neutral research facilities.

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Microbial Control

Microbial Elimination (MetropoliLab, 2014)

Test by MetropoliLab shows that Genano air purifiers are able to eliminate microbes. No viable microbes were observed in the decontaminated air or in the washing liquid inside the unit.

Air Purification in Hospital Critical Areas (Istanbul University, 2014)

ISO 6 class cleanroom standards were achieved with Genano air purifiers in a research by the Istanbul University. Decontamination time of 12-13 minutes was measured for the rooms.

Recommendation for Hospital Critical Areas (Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia, 2012)

Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia recommends using Genano air purifiers in eliminating microbes (e.g. tuberculosis) from the critical areas in hospitals.

Microbiological Purification (LNE, Paris 2005)

In a research setting by Laboratoire National d’Essai, different microorganisms were spread in the air to study the purification ability of Genano air purifiers. The entire population or bacteria Gram-, yeast and mold was removed in less than 40 min.


Laboratories and Cleanrooms

Ability to Remove DNA Fragments from the Air (VTT, 2005)

VTT tested the ability of Genano unit to remove DNA fragments from the air. The test setting included the spreading of 264 base pair long fragments as an aerosol in the air.

Cleanroom rating and reduction in particle concentration (Epitek Oy, 2013)

Cleanroom ISO 6 class was reached with Genano air purifier. The particle concentration of air was reduced to 1 % in 13 minutes.


Particle Measurements

Air delivery rate and particle measurements (VTT, 2014)

VTT measured the air delivery rate and particle filtration capacity of Genano 450 air purifier. Measurements were done using a system according to the European particle measurement standard EN779.

Particle removal efficiency (TTL, 2003)

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health measured the particle removal efficiency of Genano air purifier. The reported efficiency was better than 99.5 % for all sizes between 0,003-10 μm and for all air flow rates.